PhotoVoice Project

This project puts cameras in the hands of youth and encourages them to document how they are directly impacted by issues and conditions in their community.  Youth will complete 16 lessons of training involving advocacy, public speaking, photography, gambling prevention, and healthy risk taking. From there, youth will be given time to take photographs of gambling in their community and develop captions in order to see youth perspectives. 

After all their hard work, youth will display their photographs with captions at a community exhibition to talk with decision makers.  At the end of the project, youth will complete a ‘Call to Action’ to continue making change with their creative pieces.

Alternative PhotoVoice Project Toolkit

Do you have students who are creative in different ways?  In this toolkit, students will have the opportunity to show gambling in their communities in various creative ways.  Some creative ways can include painting, coloring, creating a song/rap, writing a script, and more!  This toolkit will include supplies for youth to effectively complete this project.?

Messaging Campaign

For this campaign, you will utilize materials to pass out at events in order to raise awareness and increase education about youth gambling prevention. Materials will and can include Focus customizable flyers, stickers, buttons, and window clings.  The campaign includes examples of social media posts and graphics.

Gift Responsibly Campaign

For this campaign, youth will complete activities and open up discussion about the dangers of giving lottery products as presents and gifts during the holiday season.  These activities include hot chocolate kit making and cookie decorating.  Youth will be able to put informational tags with gambling prevention education and facts on them to complete their final products.

Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM) Campaign

For this campaign, youth will post informational graphics, statuses, and tweets surrounding Problem Gambling Awareness Month.  There will be opportunities to wear teal ribbons (the color for this month) to raise awareness and education on problem gambling.  You will be instructed on how to use the one second a day app to document this month and your efforts.


Invite Focus to present at a workshop, breakout session, or in class.

Gambling Prevention Activity Book

This activity book has fun and engaging activities that combine team building with youth gambling prevention.  Want a short activity for the beginning of a meeting?  Want a longer activity to dive deeper in?  Want an activity that you can come back to for next time?  Then this book is for you!  This book contains a variety of activities to fit your group’s needs.