Focus is a statewide youth prevention program that provides students with many programming opportunities to build skills in advocacy, leadership, public speaking, and youth gambling prevention education.  These opportunities include the PhotoVoice Project, Alternative PhotoVoice Project, Messaging Campaign, Gift Responsibly Campaign, and Problem Gambling Awareness Month Campaign.  This program is for youth leaders who want a seat at the table, to share their own perspectives, and to use their voice. 

Gambling is very normalized in communities and many people think that’s not happening in their area but in reality it is hiding in plain sight.  See a new perspective of this issue by diving deeper with Focus and getting involved!  Students can be at the forefront of youth gambling prevention, which is an increasingly, rising issue that needs to be prevented today.

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Funding Statement

Focus Youth Gambling Prevention is a program of the Illinois Association for Behavioral Health and is funded in whole by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery.